The Conduit

A refined wayfinding system designed for a club that promotes creativity and social change

The Conduit is a new social club that brings together people passionate about driving social change. We were invited to join the team of architects and interior designers to design a wayfinding system that will fit seamlessly in this engaging and vibrant new locale. Situated in the heart of London, the club spans over eight floors and features a number of catering facilities, as well as a rooftop terrace, a library and a speakeasy. It boasts a packed schedule of talks, musical events and other social gatherings, in addition to offering a large flexible event space that is available for private occasions.

The Conduit in Mayfair

We wanted the members to feel at home and to be aware of the socialising possibilities the club has to offer. This was achieved through a comprehensive wayfinding system that enables them to explore the club independently. Without guests wandering into service areas, the staff can spend less time giving directions and focus more on other aspects of their wellbeing. This is especially crucial at the reception that has to welcome a large number of guests at peak times.

Brass elements complement the lettering
The colour scheme was carefully selected for each room

The wayfinding system builds on the founders’ vision of creating an environment that nurtures creativity and entrepreneurship. The fine and tactile design of the signs was designed in constant dialogue with the interior designers. Brass was selected to complement the delicately cut lettering used for the signs. The design of the system complements the distinctive features of the club’s neo-classical setting. The club doubles as a flexible gallery space and we paid special attention to ensure that the signs fit harmoniously with the artwork, while remaining visible and functional. This resulted in signage that is visually refined and understated and at the same time distinct.


Production and installation of signs was carried out with great attention to detail. We partnered with an East-London-based producer and developed an innovative production method to deliver this stunning visual result. The letters were carefully milled and individually sanded before receiving their final coating. Altogether fourteen colours of coatings were meticulously selected to match the signs with the colour palette of the club’s interior.

Signs were produced locally in East London