Geneva Airport

A wayfinding system for an airport with a complex layout and an international border running through its terminal

Geneva’s airport (Aéroport de Gèneve) is unique as its main terminal is split in a Swiss and a French sector. Both sectors are divided by an international border and work as two separate airports joined together. Most facilities, such as check-in and baggage collection areas, are doubled.

A new wayfinding system was devised to ease communication between the sectors. All possible passenger journeys were analysed thoroughly to ensure that the passenger flows were optimal and that relevant information was always available for the travellers. This was of key importance in this projects as passenger journeys through the airport depend greatly on which sector they are using. Journeys can meet in common areas and diverge many times before passengers reach their flight or exit the airport.


Owing to Geneva's international position as a ski destination and as worldwide centre for diplomacy, the set of pictograms was extended beyond the traditional one you would find at an airport. There is a special pictogram for ski equipment delivery and one for diplomatic protocol services.

This project was designed within the Mijksenaar team.